Natural Lip Balms
Pure, natural and healing for your lips!

I started making lip balms for my family years ago.  It all started when I began reading the labels of lip balms in the store and looking up those long words.  I found that most are petroleum based and filled with chemicals that I didn't want my family to use.  Even the "natural" ones made with beeswax often contained "yucky" stuff. They also didn't heal!  How many times have you left home without your lip balm only to come home with chapped lips?  At that point you need something to both protect your lips from further damage and something to heal the damage already done.  I couldn't find anything and believe me I've tried every "natural" lip balm out there!

So, I began to study, develop recipes and give samples to my family and friends.  I've learned a lot over the years and my lip balms today are very different than when I started.  These lip balms are created with all natural ingredients...things like fine oils, natural beeswax, quality essential oils, Vitamin E, and moisturizing butters! No preservatives, no chemical flavorings, no chemicals for color. 

The  fine oils and butters used to create my lip balms heal, moisturize and protect your lips from damage. They are scented with essential oils - sometimes for healing purposes and sometimes for fun!  Essential oils won't actually "flavor" a lip balm - you need a chemical to do that.  However, the combination of the essential oils, and the way they work with your sense of smell, leave you with a very faint sense of "flavor".

These lip balms have been given to family and friends for years as gifts.  You may even have received one tucked into your order as a thank you from time to time.  I've also been selling them locally for years.  They are always very popular and I have a very loyal customer base that pleads with me to get them placed into local health food stores!

The lip balms that I offer here are the same ones my children and I use everyday year-round...I think you'll love them!  They are smooth, creamy and filled with ingredients that heal, moisturize and protect lip tissue!


Coffee All Natural Lip Balm

This Coffee Lip Balm is very creamy, highly moisturizing and the scent is perfect for coffee lovers! 


Lavender All Natural Lip Balm

This creamy lip balm is packed with Lavender essential oil!  Perfect for lips exposed to wind and sun!


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