About the farm

At Stonewater Farm, we are passionate about living and eating the way God intended...as naturally as possible! Our farm is nestled in a small Appalachian valley between two mountain ridges.  We are blessed to have beautiful views of our little valley and the quiet sounds of country life...the gentle neighing of our horse, the low, soft sound of our cattle calling their young calves, the gentle clucking of our chickens and the hum of our bees.  Truly, we are blessed!

Our family has been growing our own veggies and produce, raising animals for eggs, meat and milk and raising our own herbs for over 14 years! We garden organically because it is healthier for us and for the soil. Take a peek at our “About Us” page to learn how God started us down the path to healthier living!

Growing herbs is one of my greatest joys! God was so creative and so generous to give us plants that are lovely, have heavenly scents and can be used to heal our bodies, flavor our foods and clean our homes!

I grow our herbs for their beauty, for the flowers they produce, for their medicinal properties and for culinary purposes. I grow specific herbs for delicious and beneficial teas and I also use these herbs in my all-natural soaps and salves. The items that I offer to you are the same items that my family, including my four children, use every day. I will always strive to bring you the safest and healthiest products possible. Come let me show you how herbs can be a healthy and beneficial addition to your life!